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Importance of a VPN During the Pandemic (COVID-19)

The whole world has been on lockdown during the Coronavirus pandemic. Most professionals have been instructed to work from home while some try to brush up their skills as they stay indoors. Whatever your reason for using the internet, with the pandemic doing the rounds, it’s more important than ever to have a VPN secure internet connection.

Everyone has been spending more of their time in front of their screens at home, be it their laptop or their mobile phone. This also means that their maybe hackers locked down at home who have nothing better to do than hack servers. Meaning more vulnerability when it comes to your data, security, and privacy.

During such times, VPN servers come to your protection, providing you with a private, secure, and reliable internet connection.

Why invest in a VPN?

Being stuck at home means connecting to those away from you with the help of the internet, it also means accomplishing most of your work tasks from home like e-mailing, messaging, social networking, and conferencing.

When you invest in a VPN your geographical location is automatically hidden and passed to secure online servers protecting your data and information from getting into the wrong hands.

Your data is encrypted making your identity anonymous and secure. This guarantees your protection against cybercrimes that happen so often these days.

A VPN displays your IP address as that of a resident of another country. This is accomplished by exploiting VPN servers across the world. Installing a VPN gives you access to geographically blocked content, apps, and websites like the US Netflix.

You can also benefit by using a VPN by virtually displaying your country. Some online services such as banks and password managing software get curious and doubtful when they detect an IP from a foreign country, so it’s better to use VPN servers by keeping your authentic internet address private and secure.

Drawback of using free VPN service providers

There is no beating around the bush when it comes to VPN servers. If you want a reliable, trustworthy, and fast connection then only a paid service can provide you with that. Even though free services may help you hide your data but they have their drawbacks and can’t be as secure and reliable as a paid service. Even if these premium services cost you money, they are completely worth it.

You can get a good VPN server for about $5-$15/month for all your devices.

The most important thing you need to pay attention to when purchasing a VPN is to look if it has the features you require. You can opt for a trial period that is offered by most Paid VPN servers and decide if it best suits your needs.

You need to invest in a Paid VPN for a fast, reliable, and secure service. Free services, on the other hand, are risky, they make a profit by displaying ads or even selling your information along with other slow user experiences.

Security first

The COVID-19 has people spending time indoors, working online, homeschooling, taking courses online, browsing the net, streaming their favorite shows and not to mention staying connected with family and friends through video calls and chat services. Scamwatch reveals that during this pandemic there has been a rise in malware and online scams.

It is time to gear up your security game and stay protected from phishing, scams, and other online threats. Keep your data and information safe with good security software and a reliable VPN service provider. Stay home and stay safe.


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