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ExpressVPN Review


Ranked #3

expressvpn review

General overview

ExpressVPN is ranking among the best VPNs which have been checked. It is very secure, fast and with its strict no logging policy keeps you fully anonymous. Even working with Tor for the maximum privacy level they allow torrenting/P2P.

ExpressVPN exploits the comercial standard OpenVPN tunneling protocol and AES 256-bit as default, but it can be done manually for someone more techy, who wants to flavour it up. Consistsisting of a surprizing server park with a number of 3000+ servers in 94 countries.

It is made as a proper choice for the newcomers by its easy-to-navigate interface who are just learning about VPNs, and its significance to a broad base of users is expanded by its multiplatform compatibility. ExpressVPN’s slightly higher-than-average prices, starting from $6.67 a month are better defended through these features.


ExpressVPN has its headquarters in British Virgin Islands, which is usually regarded as a privacy-friendly country because of deficiency of its contracts with other countries for the surveillance-sharing. While a zone of the UK, the British Virgin Islands, with no data withholding rules is a distinct legal dominion of the UK, having the national High Court is critical to records’ requests of extra-national business.

AES-256 is its standard encryption, and supporting a Perfect Forward Secrecy, means for avoiding security settlements it often alters encryption keys. The kill switch, a valuable feature is introduced by the company, preventing out-leakage of network data from of its secured VPN tunnel when the event of VPN connection-fail happens.

ExpressVPN has an obvious and extensive privacy policy for its stand against keeping the records of individually recognizing user information. Like other VPNs, it also collects repairing-related data that includes location choices for server, the transferred data amount, connection time of server, and versions of installed app. You can also send the company’s crash reports to assist for improving diagnostics.

The company moved into RAM-disk mode in the year 2019, referring that on the hard drives, it’s not keeping anything. That’s something not offered by all VPNs. By the NordVPN for example is, movement to full RAM-disk treated as a security response following the breach of this year.

That said, ExpressVPN has round about 3% virtual servers’ taskforce (often claimed to be less secure than physical machines), but according to the company’s statement these virtual servers are there in the countries lacking sufficient supportive network setups, or others like Venezuela, where hardware could be risky.

No DNS, IP address or other possible user-recognizing information leakages were noticed throughout tests.

expressvpn features

Speed And Performance

An important factor, the speed has a key role in choosing a VPN, so the several thorough tests for finding out how a service works in two countries (UK and US) are performed.

No connection failures were observed at all in our first test, and connected every server within a fast two to five seconds, an amazing start (Mostly VPNs take double as long, some are slower). These trials were performed over a short time span and won’t essentially reveal the experience of long-term use of ExpressVPN, but what we saw is that service has no major connection problems at all.

By the use of benchmarking sites SpeedTest we checked performance to compute download speeds from the locations of the UK and US.

Performance in the UK was brilliant at 66-70Mbps on our 75Mbps test line, on our normal VPN-free speed, a minimal 5-6% decrease.

Our connection in the US was efficient of up to 600Mbps, providing us a better idea of just what could be done by ExpressVPN, and the inspiring results were shown at a typical 200-250Mbps. The lowest figure across all tests, 162Mbps, would be even higher than fast enough for just about anything you may searching for.

expressvpn speed test uk
ExpressVPN Speed Test - UK
expressvpn speed test us
ExpressVPN Speed Test - US

Note that if the internet connection you are using is a fraction of that speed these might sound like something unrealistic, but these things matter for everyone. The more bandwidth is provided when, the higher speeds are given by a server, and it’s more probable to deliver proper performance all the time.

Distant tests are harder to interpret, as there are a lot of non-VPN-related elements which may affect performance. But to see what would happen, we took our sample set, 25 ExpressVPN servers past few benchmarking sites, anyway.

The results were positive, with most of Europe, the United States and even some more far-away locations – Karachi, Australia, South Africa, Hong Kong– dealing close to 60Mbps by our UK base. Overall performance and ExpressVPN review was very good.

Apps & Devices

ExpressVPN works on any operating device or system as: Microsoft Windows, Linux, iOS, Mac-OS, Android.

On the website of ExpressVPN for the mentioned grounds you can get setup instructions and for the devices in which there is a no availability of custom VPN app.

ExpressVPN may does not contain a local offered VPN app for less common devices,but their website contain walkthrough showing that for your device, how to set up a workaround.

Remember, ExpressVPN can be simultaneously used on five different devices. However, if you require it on devices more than it at the same time, it will require you to set the VPN on your home router.

ExpressVPN can be used at Amazon Fire TV, AppleTV, Nintendo, Chromecast, PlayStation, Xbox Roku.

expressvpn apps

For Amazon’s Fire TV Stick ExpressVPN has a very noble VPN app, though it is not our top choice.

To roll out a Fire TV Stick app ExpressVPN might had been one of the first VPN providers and it works good, but now it is looking out-dated as it lacks some of the attributes that are enjoyable in recent Firestick VPN apps.

If you want to use a VPN app with your own Fire TV Stick and, just look at our latest recommendations.

While, it’s not our top choice for Firestick, for other streaming devices and gaming supports like Xbox and PlayStation, ExpressVPN is our favourite.

ExpressVPN browser extensions

For Safari, Chrome and Firefox, extensions of desktop browser have been available. ExpressVPN’s plugins aren’t individual proxies, Unlike the most of VPN’s browser extensions. They just handle the VPN app, which needs to be installed on my device.

ExpressVPN browser extensions containing protection against WebRTC leaks and HTML5 geo-location-fooling arise with some added bonuses, that brings them to installing worth.

expressvpn chrome

By working more than just covering your IP address The geo-location spoofing feature permits to hide the location. Your location is still traceable through the HTML5 geolocation API by websites, which exploits mobile signals and wifi, other positioning hardware and GPS, to determine your position. The browser extension of ExpressVPN “spoofs” the location recovered by the API to a pseudo-random piont neighbouring the VPN connection offering server.

Servers And Locations

A Part of what you pay for VPN subscription is door to the VPN servers’ squad of company. Through these instruments your web traffic will flow. It’s fine having a varied servers’ distribution, since this ensures that you’ll be capable of finding one close by, doesn’t matter where you move and likely gets nicer service due to that closeness. For your location’s deception It can give more options.

There are 160 server locations offered by ExpressVPN across 94 countries. Among the top-rated VPNs, ExpressVPN is offering the best stability of virtual servers and hardware in most of the countries. For a long time, it has been holding this distinction, but CyberGhost is holding up, and offers servers in 90 countries.

Other than having the maximum server locations, ExpressVPN also surpasses in earthly diversity, with numerous in South America and an outstanding coverage across Africa —two often underworked continents or totally mistreated by other VPN companies.

expressvpn servers may 2020

To meet the demands most of the VPN companies just roll up servers as desired (virtual or otherwise). The overall count of servers is affected by how many subscribers can be boasted by a company. But a larger server team also means that it’s possible to get a less crowded server, possibly enhancing your performance. 

At its disposal ExpressVPN has about 3,000 servers. As we’ve seen it places it among the biggest assemblage of servers.

ExpressVPN and Streaming

Ranking among the top VPNs, ExpressVPN permits you to evade severe geo-limitations which are applied by famous streaming platforms, including Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime and Netflix US. certain websites can be unlocked that might be banned or blocked in some countries that impose stern censorship limitations.

expressvpn amazon prime video

Honorable VPN facilities can’t tolerate their servers to be overcrowded, so no one experiences dropped-speed due to overcrowded and overvalued servers. The company also provides limitless, bandwidth, server switching and speeds after a bit of trial & error guaranteeing a finest streaming experience.

At the expense of their all resources popular streaming services are fighting a war against proxies, VPNs and other software planning to unblock content in banned territories. Servers as such that might lose their ability to unblock Netflix US. in order to, you can always stand on one step forward of the blocking actions, discover the optimal servers everywhere by contacting ExpressVPN’s customer support.

ExpressVPN and Torrenting

As we’ve mentioned in the ExpressVPN review, the company is not responsible for limiting your speed, bandwidth and switching of server, which is involved in making it an ideal choice for P2P file sharing. Furthermore, on all the servers torrenting is permitted, therefore there’s no need to worry about not even for finding an accurate server for the geographic location.

ExpressVPN addresses on its official website that its software is not aimed to dodge copyright assertions and to help people download exclusive content. Though, for the identification of your P2P traffic the company has no real way, meanwhile, online sessions can’t be recorded or monitored by it.


To get answer of a questions for a recent problem you’ve faced you can easily communicate ExpressVPN’s customer care by sending an email at, even if the troubleshooting guides, FAQ section and other supportive setups fail to answer. On the official website by using a supportive ticket or through the live chat feature with one of the representatives you can get the problem solved.

ExpressVPN permits the client to interact its customer support unit. We are expecting everything perfect from our company and for customers, a 24/7 support is first time introduced by us.

ExpressVPN company firstly established a VPN with the great 24/7 customer support. When we discussed with the staff, we found all the required answers and it enabled us to talk to a person in a matter of seconds. The support representatives have a great professional and knowledgeable skill, in addition to being friendly and responsive.

expressvpn support money back guarantee

Value for money

It has a clear interface which is easy-to-navigate server options, and it has made a friendly choice by newcomers by the one-click connect of ExpressVPN. Approximately all of the similar configuration options you will probably find in VPNs which aim at power users are included in ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN provides 24/7 customer care service helping through live chat, email option and a tutorial’s crop videos.

ExpressVPN doesn’t execute data caps, allowing a boundless server torrenting and switching, and by the use of it we found no problem accessing Netflix. Other differing from some other contestants, though, you can use only five devices at the same time on a subscription.

But we still defend worth as it has a little higher price than of other competitors. The best price plan of ExpressVPN’s is $6.67 per month for a yearly package, including free use of three months. It also offers a money-back guarantee of 30-days, which is payable through PayPal, credit card, or via Bitcoin.


Does ExpressVPN work with Netflix?

ExpressVPN is one of the best working VPNs that continually updates its servers so that users can access Netflix’s library worldwide.

You can also watch your favorite movies or episodes in maximum quality with high-speed connectivity, unlimited bandwidth, and an extensive server network from all over the world.

Is ExpressVPN good for torrenting?

One of the favorite VPNs among Torrent users is ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN allows P2P traffic on all its servers. It allows you to set up a high-speed torrent connection. It does not keep your connection and activity records.

Where is ExpressVPN based?

ExpressVPN’s headquarters are located in the British Virgin Islands, known for its strict laws protecting the privacy of businesses and individuals.

Can ExpressVPN block ads?

Currently, ExpressVPN does not have an ad-blocking feature in itself. You can use ad-blocking extensions with a VPN to do this.

Does ExpressVPN work in China?

Yes, it does! In China ExpressVPN is a well-used VPN app and delivers properly trustworthy access from the mainland to the free and open internet.

Keeping a VPN that can bypass the Great Firewall is an enduring conflict, so occasional interruption may be practiced by you, particularly around politically-confidential events. But this case is for each VPN provider.

Is the ExpressVPN review up to date?

As with all our reviews, the ExpressVPN review is updated regularly. You can find the date of the last update under the page title.

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  Privacy: 9.7
  Features: 9.7
  Value for money: 9.4
  User Score: 9.5

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