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IPVanish VPN Review


Ranked #4

ipvanish vpn review laptop

General overview

For users on the lookout for online browsing privacy, Ipvanish has turned into most user’s favorite VPN (Virtual Private Network) in a very short time. Numerous platforms can be accessed with 10 connections concurrently. The speed is better when compared to many other VPN servers. The network boasts a connection to 1,400 servers. The corporate headquarters is situated in Dallas, Texas, and was established in 2012.

IPVanish has the friendliest user interface when compared to other servers. It encourages its users to get intrigued by its technology.

For all new users who are just exploring the world of VPN, IPVanish may just turn out to be the best choice.


The best VPN service is the one that protects your data and gives heed to your privacy. VPN servers know all of your internet activities, some even collect your data. You need to know more about your VPN’s privacy policies to stay safe.

IPVanish is based in the US and comes under the ownership of Mudhook Marketing LLC, a subsidiary of StackPath, LLC.

OpenVPN protocol with AES 256-bit encryption is used by IPVanish. The standards for VPN are catered based on this encryption and the one used by IPVanish is the best amongst VPN servers as it is the safest and most secure, even unbreakable.

All the security tests that we threw at IPVanish were passed with good results.

The security provided by IPVanish is good, their privacy policy displays conscious privacy protection. They don’t hide their agenda behind words and are clear to display their policies by stating “IPVanish does not collect or log any traffic or use of its Virtual Private Network Service” It further explains that they do not believe in selling or renting their client’s personal information. Their privacy policy is straight forward and we appreciate that. IPVanish also reveals its third-party partners. Their privacy policy is pretty impressive and that gives them a good score when it comes to the privacy protection of its users.

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Speed And Performance

Decreased browsing speed has always been an issue when VPNs have been used in the past, however, things have changed with the introduction of faster technology and latest updates in the past few years. Innovative upgrades have made using VPN a breeze.

Every VPN server that we review are tested for the impact made by a VPN on the browsing speed, the most accurate speed measurements are measured with Ookla’s Speedtest Tool.

The download and upload speed on IPVanish was decent. The speed when connected from The UK to The US was 22% whereas DE to the UK was 18%.

Throughout various tests, there were no major drawbacks like speed drops and disconnects. This made our experience pretty smooth without any problems. Subscribers of IPVanish are given access to real-time loads and a vast list including major servers, this helps take care of issues such as overcrowding.

Apps & Devices

IPVanish just like other similar premium VPN services offers access to popular browsers and platforms worldwide. Software is available for Mac OS X (10.10+). ioS(9+), Fire TV, Windows (7 SP1+) and Android (4.0.3+).

Manual configuration is available on Linux (Ubuntu), Windows phone, and routers like Belkin, Linksys (Cisco), Asus, Loglink, D-link, Motorola, Netgear, Microsoft, Toshiba, Siemens, Nokia, Fuji, and Sparklan. IPVanish also has built compatibility with Kodi software.

You can avoid manual router configuration by purchasing a router available on the company’s official website, we give them brownie points for that. The company offers 5 available routers with this pre-installed VPN software.

IPVanish For Fire TV Stick

IPVanish receives bonus points for being one of the few VPN servers which have a native app specifically for Amazon Fire TV Stick. The app helps its users to access blocked content from other regions along with offering them protection. The installation process is simple with the use of the set-up guide available on their official website.

ipvanish fire tv connect settings

Installing IPVanish on the Fire TV Stick:

  1. Select ‘apps’ on your home screen.
  2. Head to categories
  3. Choose ‘utility’
  4. Click on the IPVanish app.
  5. Download the app by clicking on ‘Get’
  6. After downloading the app, enter your log-in details by clicking on ‘open’.
  7. By clicking on ‘Connect’ you will be connected with the best server available. By choosing ‘options’ you can select your server manually.

Servers And Locations

IPVanish boasts of 1,400+ servers across 75+ locations and well their reach is sure worth boasting. North America has 768+ severs, Europe has 476+ servers, Oceania has 83+ servers, Asia has 59+ servers, South America has 32+ servers and Africa has 10+ servers. Their official reveals a detailed list of their server locations. Users also get access to a whopping 40,000 shared IPs.

Users need not worry about crossing IPVanish’s limitations as there are no limitations on speeds, server switching, and bandwidth. One of the essentials for those who like to stream their favorite shows on HD, download torrents, or play online games regularly. You can simultaneously connect with ten servers which are good when compared to other servers of the same range. If you have a household with lots of members requiring VPN protection, the IPVanish server might be best suitable for you.

The SOCKS5 Web proxy options on IPVanish helps hide your original IP address and gives you access to blocked websites from various countries. Your traffic is not encrypted with these servers making their speed faster than other similar sources, the drawback to this is that they are a tad bit less secure. Therefore, making them a good choice if you want to use it to stream, VoIP, and share files on Deluge, Vuze, and uTorrent.

Services are not available in legally forbidden countries like Burma/Myanmar, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, and Sudan. Countries that have officially blocked the IPVanish domain are Saudi Arabia, Qatar, China, Kazakhstan, Egypt, and the UAE.

ipvanish servers may 2020


Although the official website promises 24/7 support more than once, the support team operates Monday-Friday from 9 AM- 5 PM UTC-6. The live chat feature on the website makes it easy to send queries. You can also mail support at

Value for money

Our tests on IPVanish didn’t go through any problems while streaming on Netflix and other video streaming sites, No problems were faced while sharing files with torrent either.

IPVanish has pretty competitive pricing at $6.49/month and $77.99/annum. You cannot test the site for free as they don’t offer free trials. However, they offer their customers a 30-day-money-back guarantee. The package offered by IPVanish is worthy especially since it offers 10 concurrent connections and compatibility with most devices.