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PrivateVPN Review


Ranked #6

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General overview

Relatively new and small in the world of VPN Servers is PrivateVPN. It is based in Sweden having the capability of around 100 servers.

PrivateVPN promises to be the best when it comes to privacy, security, and streaming. Recently Netflix has cracked down on VPN’s making Netflix inaccessible even for premium servers. The claim of them offering the best streaming services made us doubt them but they are pretty confident with their claims and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of their packages. Even though the number of servers they offer is minimal they seem to be efficient and strong.

Like every other VPN server, we went through our extensive VPN tests with VPN servers as well to bring to you this informative and unbiased review about PrivateVPN.


As the headquarters is based in Sweden, the server will have to oblige with the country’s data retention laws. However, PrivateVPN assures its users that it doesn’t store any data of its users so they won’t reveal the data even if they are asked to.

They have a regular sign-up process you can access by providing an e-mail address and password. You also have convenient paying options such as PayPal, Bitcoin, and Stripe.

Details are not shared with third parties, however, they will be used for promotions and account correspondence.

128-bit CPC encryption is used for TAP, 256-bit AES for TUN as default OpenVPN protocol for data security. Both of them are strong when it comes to security and cannot be cracked. For authentication, SHA256 is used with 2,048-bit RSA Keys. For perfect forward secrecy, 2,048-DHE keys are used.

Multiple encryption options are available depending on your devices such as L2TP, OpenVPN, IkeV2, and PPTP. You can find these options by going to the desktop client/Setting screen and clicking on the Dashboard Tab.

The server offers a kill switch on default to block internet traffic when the VPN connection drops. This keeps your data private. If you don’t require this feature you can deactivate it by clicking on the desktop client and then access it on the connection guard screen.

If you are worried about DNS leaks or IPv6 Leaks then you can rest assured that PrivateVPN gives you full protection against it. In the past PrivateVPN used to depend on Google DNS servers but they upped their game by setting up one of their own. This means more privacy as Google can track the website you visit even when you are using a VPN though, it won’t be able to discover your original IP address. With their new server users need not be concerned while using PrivateVPN.

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Speed And Performance

VPN’s have been famous for dragging down your computer speed in the past. However, with the latest technology being used VPN’s have evolved. Our speed tests make sure to dissect into a server’s speed to find out if they fare well or fail. For this VPN we have used

PrivateVPN ran at 88Mbps without the VPN being turned on while it ran at 66 Mpbs when it was connected to the US server.

There can be improved when it comes to speed on PrivateVPN, however, it’s a lot more decent when compared to most other small server networks.

You are bound to receive more speed when the server you choose is closer to your location.

Apps & Devices

Native support is available for macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows. Users can also enjoy 6 simultaneous connections with a single login.

With minimal manual configuration, you can set up the service on Linux. You can also avail of a Kodi add-on.

As for router support, services can be used on Synology, ASUS RT, Tomato, DD-WRTT, pfSense, QNAP, and Linksys.

A browser extension, for the time being, isn’t available.

You can find apps for Windows and macOS on their official website. For iOS and Android, you can find the app on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

Servers And Locations

The servers spread across 60 countries and users can access about 100 servers or more. This is more than enough for most users ,however, when compared to other servers with numerous other servers, PrivateVPN lags.

The reach of PrivateVPN’s servers isn’t widespread, we deduct points from them for that. Per location of theirs has minimal servers which can be seen as a huge drawback. This also explains their poor speed results as explained above. Hopefully, they have expansion on their agenda in the future.

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PrivateVPN gives its clients the privilege of live chat support as well as remote control support for troubleshooting. Though they claim solid 24/7 support, we were unable to get to them during certain occasions. On some occasions, the time they got back to us was four hours but the support was decent enough to apologize for their absence. However, we refuse to call it a 24/7 support though, they do have a decent support system where they don’t completely abandon their clients.

If you require help with troubleshooting or setup, PrivateVPN has remote control support. This can be useful as sometimes users may require setups that may be a bit too complicated.

Value for money

The plans offered by PrivateVPN fit most budgets. They also offer great discounts on longer terms making VPN extremely affordable.

The monthly plan costs $10.95
The quarterly plan costs $22.50
The annual plan costs $43.20 (+3 months free service)

Regardless of the term, you choose you will receive all their premium features. PrivateVPN offers a 30-day-money back guarantee if you want to give it a try before purchase.