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Surfshark Review


Ranked #2

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General overview

If you need a VPN specifically for streaming, torrent downloading, online gaming, and other similar uses then SurfShark is a recently launched VPN service based in the British Virgin Islands.

The geographical location of this VPN service provider makes it a winner when compared to other service providers who have their headquarters in places where data retention laws are strict and compulsory. The location keeps them away from innumerable spy organizations along with the Eyes Network. This VPN server has become a favorite amongst its users in a very short time.

SurfShark can give you a seamless user experience when watching content, downloading, or gaming, It helps you download faster and safer. Want to know
how? Below we bring to you a detailed and honest review on SurfShark.


The British Virgin Islands is known to be a privacy-friendly country as it doesn’t have privacy sharing agreements with other countries. That is why SurfShark is amongst our favorites, simply because of its location. The British Virgin Islands comes under the United Kingdom, however, it has a separate legal jurisdiction meaning no data-retention laws.

Verifying whether a VPN stores logs of data usage is difficult to find. SurfShark, on the other hand, has a transparent policy affirming that they do not store location-identifying connection logs. It also allows you to choose whether the organization can store your reports or not. Which we can say is very rare when it comes to VPN service providers.

The encryption of SurfShark is standard AES-256-GCM. The VPN service provider also supports Perfect forward policy meaning it strengthens your security and keeps your data safe by changing its encryption frequently. Another great feature of SurfShark is its kill switch feature which keeps its users information safe if your VPN connection somehow fails. Cure 53 which is a security research firm has independently audited SurfShark’s browser add-ons for their Chrome and Firefox extensions.

Our tests didn’t find any IP address, DNS, or other data leaks that could identify the user. WebRTC the leakage of which is a common issue amongst VPN’s was also tested, there were no WebRTC leaks. So far we haven’t found any leakage or flaw when it comes to Privacy and Security during our trial tests on SurfShark. This VPN service provider also provides a browser plug-in specifically designed to prevent extra WebRTC leaks.

For those worried about DNS privacy on their hand devices, Surfshark has an app named Trust DNS on the Google Play Store. This app helps redirect the website information request from the browser you are using to the one of SurfShark rather than sending it to your internet service provider. By re-routing, the DNS information helps you access sites with censorship without getting into trouble with your telecom company.

Surfshark's Security and Privacy Features

Speed And Performance

We conduct various tests to explore the capability of various VPN servers. Not many VPN servers turn out to be capable enough to undergo our tests and therefore receive a low ranking. We did the same tests on SurfShark as well. We ran speed tests for three consecutive days to see if it makes it or breaks it with a dynamic IP address. We accessed it from two locations and used Ethernet as well as wireless to check out its capabilities.

One of the locations, unfortunately, was faster than the other since it had access to fiber-optic internet. The internet speed in the US completely depends on the provider and differs through different states. Our speed tests rely on local infrastructure and internet service. So the better your service provider, the faster the broadband speed on your device with VPN.

When we test the speed of VPN’s we have discovered that the lost speed tells us a lot about the VPN server. Most VPN servers have a speed that’s completely halved or even more when compared to both fast as well as slow connections. We also used as an extra and when compared to other servers SurfShark did way better by losing only 27% of the average internet speed. So yes, this VPN server did pass our speed test.

In one of the testing rounds conducted on London Servers, the peak speed reached up to 46.02 Mbps whereas the Non-VPN devices ranged in the mid-40s. The UK servers won by being the fastest with an average download speed of 28 Mbps when compared to devices without VPN which came up to 36 Mbps which is an average speed.

When compared with US servers, the server in New York had a speed of 27 Mbps making it 46.55 Mbps making it the second-best when compared with the London servers.

The Singapore servers were pretty fast but lost due to inconsistency but came in third place followed by Australia and Europe. Amongst French and German servers, the servers in Paris had good speed. The Australian servers stayed consistently on the second last place whereas the last place was taken by Europe as Berlin’s server was slowest when compared to others.

Apps & Devices

In its newbie stage, SurfShark didn’t have anything other than a native android app along with extensions for Firefox and Chrome. These are accessible even today however, SurfShark has expanded by including native apps for macOS, Windows, iOS, Linux, and Fire TV Stick. Which marks it ahead of other new VPN servers displaying their willingness and dedication to improving their services.

DNS services for Smart TVs are also provided by SurfShark. It can be configured so that it also works on various routers (DD-WRT, AsusWRT, Netgear, Tomato, Linksys, and TP-link) as well as on gaming consoles like the Play Station and Xbox. You can use your online account to activate the Smart DNS service. Once your smart DNS is set up you will get notified through a mail from the company.

Servers And Locations

SurfShark has spread its services across 63+countries and 1700+ servers. Every server of SurfShark has an obfuscation ability, commonly referred to as the camouflage mode. If you are from a country with strict censorship then you can easily access all the popular platforms by hiding the VPN traffic. With the help of SurfShark.

The most impressive feature of SurfShark is its ability to provide its users with multiple simultaneous connections. So far we haven’t seen a VPN service provider that can compete with this feature that SurfShark provides its users with.

Other features that define SurfShark are Unlimited Bandwidth, Ultra-fast speed, and server switching. Due to perfect optimization, there is no flaw or glitch when it comes to fast and effective streaming, browsing, or downloading.

Surfshark VPN Servers List


The support at SurfShark is available to answer all your queries and troubleshoot your problems 24*7 all year around. You can easily reach them through their email/support ticket system. You can also opt to use their live chat feature on SurfShark’s official website. The customer service is great and extremely helpful. You will be able to solve your issues in no time.

SurfShark also has a detailed FAQ section though it doesn’t answer all of the questions you may find basic frequently asked questions here although we aren’t very impressed with this section of theirs. The website also has a step-by-step manual configuration guide which is extremely helpful.

Value for money

SurfShark has an upper hand when compared to most VPN service providers. It can allow unlimited switching of servers as well as using torrent. There was no problem when we checked on its NetFlix’s binge-watching ability. It’s most impressive feature is its ability to connect with numerous simultaneous connections. The latest revamped design has an easy-to-use interface making it simple to operate.

SurfShark also has numerous add-on features, one of them is CleanWeb which has an anti-tracking feature as well as blocks ads. This feature is available for all accounts. They are one of the first VPN brands to provide 2 Factor Authentication to their users.

By investing one more dollar monthly you can get add-ons like Blindsearch- Surfshark’s private search engine with no logs. You can also opt for Hacklock which scours the internet for your e-mail address to see if there is a data breach.

The pricing of SurfShark can be surprisingly cheap for all the features and security that it offers. Especially now with an 83% off, you can grab their services at $2 a month for their two-year plan which comes to a total of $48. It is pretty competitive with NordVPN’s two-year plan which comes to $5/month which comes to a total of $120 and the one-year plan of IPVanish’s at $4/month costing $48 a year. SurfShark’s annual plan comes to $6/month after a 50% discount costing $72/annum.


Does Surfshark work with Netflix?

As a result of our tests, we had no problem connecting to Netflix libraries with Surfhark.

Surfshark can display your IP address from another country with its constantly updated servers.

Surfshark will also unblock Netflix from places where your access is restricted (schools, libraries). Thus, you can access Netflix content from anywhere.

Is Surfshark good for torrenting?

Surfshark can encrypt your traffic and change your IP so that you can avoid torrenting blocks. Choosing Surfshark for torrenting keeps you safe with features like Dedicated P2P servers, Kill Switch, Strict no-logs policy. Private P2P servers allow you to reach high speed.  The Kill Switch feature disables your internet connection if your connection is lost.  Also, Surfshark doesn’t collect any data about your internet use.

Where is Surfshark based?

Surfshark’s headquarters are in the British Virgin Islands, a United Kingdom-affiliated community of islands located in the Caribbean. The British Virgin Islands is a perfect choice for VPN services, so it is known as a privacy-friendly place.

Is the Surfshark review up to date?

As with all our reviews, the Surfshark review is updated regularly. You can find the date of the last update under the page title.

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  Privacy: 9.6
  Features: 9.7
  Value for money: 9.5
  User Score: 9.5

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